19. Is it good?

Do you want to write? If you do want to write – and you can only really find out by writing – do you know why? And what do you want to write?

I think it’s a bit like the wildernesses – the mountains, the deserts – that people defy endurance to cross ‘because it is there’. But that isn’t the whole story because, when it comes to writing, the wilderness that you must cross is inside you.

And when you reach the other side, you ask yourself – or, if you are brave, you ask other people – ‘Is it good?’

You might receive useful constructive comments that help you to make it better. Better still, though, to have a clear idea of exactly what you want the book to be for you, not for anyone else. Then decide for yourself if you have achieved what you hoped to achieve. Your judgment is the only one that truly counts.