La Force

Leadership is a powerful force in any story. The remnants of a platoon of World War I soldiers, holed up in a ruined farm building on the martyred plain of Picardy, will rouse themselves one last time, given the right inspiration.

Inspiration is strength.

La Force, too, is Strength. The image shows a character – a woman – holding open the jaws of a beast, usually a lion.

It is an interesting take on strength. If you choose a character inspired by this card, they will have the ability to avert destruction, to ward off monsters. Their strength will not necessarily be in the domination of others, but in protecting them.

Alongside inspiration, there is determination, the resolution to carry something through. Perhaps there could be, in your character, a touch of zeal, perhaps even an excess of zeal – maybe haste, precipitation, impatience. That’s a powerful contrast …

In the works of Paolo Coelho, strength often implies the ability to assert mind over matter. His protagonists reshape reality and make it correspond to their own inner life. They climb the waterfall and complete the pilgrimage, steadfast.

The reverse of the card implies – of course – weakness. Decisions are taken late and not followed through. Promises made are not kept. In this context, petty details assume excessive importance. The temptation of inaction becomes irresistible. Disinterest becomes indifference.

A story which turns on this character – La Force reversed – will stall. You, the author, will have to find a way of kick-starting it once more.