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September and . . .

3 September 2015

. . . it's publication time. Watch out for Thursday, when the campaign really begins, but in way it feels like the end of things, rather than the beginning. The business of publication is all about a multiplication of words – writing about the novel, doing events about the novel, answering questions about the novel . . . most of August has been spent gearing up for 3 September, with the result that Connie and Cassie are as real to me as friends, family and neighbours. I'm out and about a fair bit in the next month – see the

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Edinburgh Calling

27 July 2015

A little premature, I know, but for me, Autumn publication always begins at my favourite festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival.   A beautiful city at the best of times - always - there's something particularly magical when the tents of the book festival take over Charlotte Square.  Edinburgh is always a mixture of sunshine and showers (on the streets) and, in the tents, a terrific blending of familiar names and writers from all corners of the globe.    Poetry, music, ideas, stories, deckchairs and Jura (though I'm not fond of whisky myself), I try to sneak in to as many events as

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The Taxidermist’s Daughter is on the CWA Historical Dagger Shortlist

26 May 2015

The shortlist for this year's CWA Dagger Awards was announced on the 15th, and we're all so pleased that The Taxidermist's Daughter has been shortlisted for the Endeavour Historical Dagger Award!  It's in great company, with Havana Sleeping by Martin Davies, Lamentation by C. J. Sansom, The Man from Berlin by Luke McCallin, The Seeker by S. G. MacLean, and The Silent Boy by Andrew Taylor.   The CWA Dagger Awards will be presented on 30th June this year in central London, marking the end of Crime Reading Month. Read all of the details, and see the rest of the shortlist on the CWA website.  

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Spring in Carcassonne

7 April 2015

Those of you following me on Twitter will realise I am - at long last - back in Carcassonne. The last time I was here was for Channel 4  filming Labyrinth in 2012. Since then, writing The Mistletoe Bride short stories and my Gothic novel, The Taxidermist's Daughter, have kept me walking the English landscape. Now, in the build up to the 10th anniversary of publication of Labyrinth, I'm here to begin research for my new set of novels - The Burning Chambers Trilogy - which begins here, in Languedoc, at the end of the 16th century. Pas a pas,

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Goodbye to All That . . .

15 December 2014

This is the final blog I'll be writing for 2014. Last Friday, I had the last TTD event – at the British Library in London with the wonderful author and classicist Natalie Haynes – and so I'm free to empty my mind of taxidermy (at least until the paperback comes out) and concentrate on research for the next series of novels. I'd like to take the chance, here, therefore to thank all of my readers for their support, interest, lovely comments, emails and tweets over the course of 2014. I'd like, of course, also to thank the wonderful high street

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