18 August 2015

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015 brochure coverThis week, though there will be writing in the morning, is mostly a week of talking.

Three days at the glorious Edinburgh International Book Festival: on Tuesday 18th August, I’ll be talking to Lady Antonia Fraser about her memoir My History and then later that night, will listen to spooky literary ghost stories with novelists Aislinn Hunter and Jonathan Kemp; on Wednesday 19th August, I’ll debate the nature of justice and freedom with Shami Chakrabati (the jacket for her book On Liberty must surely be one of the best of the past twelve months) – oh, and doing an event myself about The Taxidermist’s Daughter, plays and screenplays; then finally, on Thursday 20th August, I’ll be interviewing Jenny Uglow about her fascinating latest history of life in Britain during the Napoleonic Wars, In These Times.

With my head full of so many inspiring, clever, thought-provoking, moving words, it will be a different sort of interview with the legendary Michael Ball – currently playing movie mogul Mack Sennett – in Chichester’s period musical, Mack and Mabel. We’ll be on stage at CFT on Friday 21st August, talking about Michael’s glittering career and his favourite shows and songs.

After that, possibly no talking AT ALL for the weekend ….