On holiday in the Labyrinth

11 August 2003

My name is Kate Mosse. I am the creator and writer in residence of www.mosselabyrinth.co.uk. Holidays are strange. Writing a book, you never really take a holiday. You just stop writing and fret and stew ... Actually, no. I am taking 10 days off. I will not be updating this home page for two weeks. Wish me luck not working! (Perhaps I'd better take the laptop with me ...) I can't get out of this Labyrinth.

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This week in the Labyrinth

28 July 2003

I'm writing very hard at the moment. That means I'm also full of ideas to take me away from my main task – writing my novel. Of course, when you are nose to the grindstone on something really big – I mean really long and draining, like the three year marathon of writing Labyrinth, every new idea not connected with your work seems wonderful – pure crystalline perfection. Your only real desire is to drop the hard slog and wander off into the pleasant pastures of something new and untested. But you can't. Therefore, I've published a new Advice to

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