Summer Time Is Festival Time

19 June 2015

It’s not just all the music festivals, but the book world leaps into action – in fields, tents, church halls, bookshops, chapels and churches – in the summer.

On Friday, at the Festival of Chichester is hosting a Book Barney, where four of us argue it out about the one single book we’d save if our house was on fire – well, that’s how I’m selling the idea. It’s a balloon debate essentially, so we’re all sharpening our pens (claws?!) to defend ‘our’ chosen book in front of an audience of readers and fellow writers ….

Then next week, I’m at the amazing Chalke Valley History Festival. Not only speakers – some of us novelists who plunder history for our stories, others historians who steal the tricks of novelists to write brilliant histories – but re-enactments, demonstrations, equipment and living history. I’m there on Thursday 25th June, so do come if you’re travelling in and about near Salisbury.

Finally, as a true concession to the summer-going festival merry-go-round, I’ll be at Latitude on 19th July, chatting with Professor John Mullan about weddings in literature: the good, the bad and the downright ugly …..

Oh, in between all this, doing a little writing of course …..